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Oct 28, 2012 7:30pm EDT
me twitter and google plus. earnings from chevron, pfizer, exxon mobil. also, ford, chrysler owned fiat. on tuesday, the kay schiller index will report on home prices and on thursday, we get the auto sales numbers for october and on friday, the highly anticipated jobs number will be released. unemployment stands at 7.8% and finally, following security breaches on sites like linkedin -- leased its annual list of the most common worst passwords accord to the hackers wolf gotten them in the past. the top five contain the most sophisticated password as password and 123456. monkey, trust no one, ashley and jesus. if any of these are your passwords, i hope i don't have to tell you what to do right now. next week, the last big push before november 6th when america goes to the polling place to vote. keep it here, where wall street meets main street. have a great weekend, everybody. i'll see you again next weekend.
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. google entre otros. y todas las cadenas conectadas. banco de amÉrica, chrysler entre otras. queremos llegar a todos los hogares, que vea la forma de poder iniciar la recuperaciÓn, probablemente hay cerca de usted una comunidad en donde hay bomberos, pero aquÍ ni siquiera pudieron llegar los bomberos. vea las imagenes. >>> es una comunidad que nuevamente estÁ enfrentando una terrible perdida, pero los espÍritus permanecen inquenbrantables. >>> los bomberos viven aquÍ, "una combinaciÓn del efecto destructivo del viento, la lluvia y los incendios, muchas veces lamentablemente los bomberos pese a esfuerzos no pudieron llegar aquÍ y el incendio se extendiÓ, este era uno de los lugares de la zona costera, fue absolutamente consumida." este lugar fue a afectado en los ataques de septiembre once de 2001. la razÓn es que en esa ocasiÓn las lÍneas de aviones estÁn relativamentemente cerca producto que el aeropuerto estÁ cerca y fue desviado a esta zona y terminÓ cayendo en esta casa que les estoy indicando aquÍ. llegaron aquÍ y esa maÑana estÁ regist que los bomberos llegaron
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
around. 4% in october versus the u.s. already got chrysler this morning, 10% versus an estimate of 13. dodge up 20, ram up 15. jim, the numbers, they have been good all year, but they haven't been as good in the second half of the year. >> sandy cutler from eaton commented and he still thinks auto motive is very strong. ford, chrysler has done a remarkable job, japan, the japanese company now american companies doing incredibly well. it remains a strong part of the u.s. economy. >> stock the next 1% loop. >> the autos are a real bright spot. i like that gm call yesterday. in technology, we did have a couple of deals. they're merging it with a software company. but it's a pretty nice premium. you always like to see a 30-plus premium after all. >> they have some accounting issues. >> forget it if that's the case. if you say it, i believe it. we should also appoint bmc in the software area.$750 million going to buy back really quickly. by the end of the year, bmc has a lot of activists in that name. it was thought that you actually get a deal. i have spoken with a couple of them near
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> i don't think you do. general motors has fined ford and chrysler -- no, not really. that's basically what it would be like. >> selling the properties short. >> i'm okay with this deal. i'm not okay with the book deal we were talking about the other day. >> some gm numbers are expected in about an hour. gm is expected to earn 60 cents a share on revenue of $35.7 billion. gm, don't they have loss -- i mean, if they can't make money at this point, they ought to be able to because i don't think they have to pay taxes again. that's another way we sort of don't get our money out of gm. now we'll be watching facebook. about 230 million shares held by ples became employees became eligible for sale on sunday. >>> equity trading will try to get back to normal today after superstorm sandy forced the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq to wait out the storm and stay close from the last two days. if investors areomin back today, they may be wondering whether there's going to be extra volatility. ira harris joins us right now from the cme group in chicago. what's the sense you get? i'
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4